universal laws of the universe


1) The absolute, infinity and eternity are polarised into forces called Yin and Yang.
Through these opposite forces it creates, gives life, destroys and creates again.


2) Everything that has beginning has also an end.
In the eternal infinity is also infinite number of beginnings and ends. The size and duration of life of any individual is just a time point in comparison with the eternal infinity. Ending of something just opens new beginning.


3) Yin is a centripetal force, Yang centrifugal.
Yin is more on the surface and is accompanied by lightness, softness, coldness and other corresponding parameters. Yang is more inside and is accompanied by larger mass, hardness, heat etc.


4) If Yin exists, Yang exists also and vice versa.
For every front there is a rear. Health is just an opposite of illness, without it it couldnít exist. Beauty canít exist without ugliness. Beautiful lotus flower has its roots in the mud. If we destroy our opponents (whether people or viruses), we destroy also ourselves.


5) The greater Yin, the greater Yang and vice versa.
The greater positive, the larger also negative. Every beauty and complexity grows from ugliness and simplicity.


6) Yin attracts Yang; Yang attracts Yin.
In a similar fashion the North Pole of the Earth attracts the magnetic compass needle or positive protons attract negative electrons.


7) Yin repels Yin; Yang repels Yang.
Two corresponding poles repel each other.


8) The stronger Yin or Yang or both polarities at the same time, the stronger attractive or repulsive force.
Two magnets attract or repel each other if the intensity of one of the fields or of both increases. The opposite is true if it decreases.


9) Nothing is only Yin or only Yang.
In the Taoist symbol of Yin and Yang this is represented by a dot of opposite colour in the opposing polarities. Everything contains at least some share of emptiness as well as fullness. Every evil human being does good deed sometimes, every good human sometimes sins. Even western science already accepts the idea that all the energies including light contain some mass in them.


10) Everything is in permanent motion.
Nothing is in absolute stillness. Everything changes and is fugitive


11) All the changes are but changing forces Yin and Yang, which pass one into another.
A wave passes one of its energies into another, splits them or joins them.


12) Permanently neutral state doesnít exist.
Either Yin or Yang is a little bit dominating.Neutral state is but an infinitesimally short period in conversion of one polarity into the other.


13) Nothing is identical.
Nothing is absolutely same as something other. Everything we find is unique and unrepeatable. As every human with his or her ideas and experiences is unique and unrepeatable, so is every single thing or particle.


14) In the extreme Yin passes into Yang and Yang into Yin.
Everything has limits where the polarity reverses. As increasing hardness (Yang) threatens with splintering due to fragility (Yin), so people should learn to distinguish their limits in physical and psychical activities. Incorrect regimen narrows these limits considerably.

Do you know, how many natural laws we have? Do you think, that 7 laws and 12 theorems in which some parts repeats are correct? How do you find our adjusted draft with 14 laws without theorems? Send us your opinion. You need not to be afraid of our censure. The best ideas are bringing young people! Thanks to them and internet communication all scientific branches are developing very quickly. Let us trust our own possibilities, especially if it is about our health!